norman martin consulting because we can:
Requirements definition (What are we developing?) One key success factor for any project is confirmation of user requirements. We always ensure that sufficient time is invested upfront.
Solution selection (Selecting the right technology?) We always make sure that the technical solution matches the business requirement.
Prototyping (Trialing it before we build all) Solutions are often best ‘tested out’ with users before the complete solution is built. Prototyping enables both us and our clients identify the right design as well as ‘look and feel’.
Solution design and build (Completing the build) We try and ensure that users obtain results within a short period of time. Development is therefore broken down into ‘bite-size chunks’.
User training (Making sure users are confident using their solution) It is one thing to develop a solution but if users are uncomfortable using it, then we have failed. We always make sure that users are trained up both in workshops and in one-to-one sessions.
User support and maintenance (Ensuring that users are not left to resolve any issues on their own) We offer support agreements to our clients should they wish to have us be responsible for support and maintenance.
Project management (Ensuring that both ourselves and our client invest in proper project management time) From experience, we know that good, old fashioned project management expertise is vital if a project is to be successfully delivered on time and to cost and quality. We provide the technical project management resource. Our clients provide the interface between ourselves and the user community.

because we can.

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